“Marriage is work,
and marriage works!”
~ Dr. Michael Rosebush
Former Vice President,
Focus On The Family Institute
struggle. I want to encourage
Although it might seem like it’s
not working at all—it might even
seem like everything is broken. I
want to encourage you—it’s time
to get to work more than ever!

The hard work for all of us men
begins with humbling ourselves.
Admitting that within ourselves
we will fall short as husbands;
we will disappoint our wives, and
vice-versa. But there is comfort
and assurance in God's
promise: "When you are weak
than I can be strong."

These past few years, I have
seen several marriages end.
My heart deeply goes out to the
couples of those broken
marriages. And as a result, I
was prompted to step out and
pursue what God has been
putting on my heart for many
1st:   Build a healthy
marriage with my wife.
2nd: To encourage others
 in their marriages.
3rd:  To be a resource
 person to help equip
 couples with tools to
 better their marriages.

There are many good resources
out there. I have been blessed
to read and learn from quite a
few of them. Many of the ideas,
topics, and tools that I will be
sharing in the B.Y.M. Letters are
not my own ideas, but are those
that I have come across from
many people regarded as
authorities on marriage and
family. Since the B.Y.M. Letters
will be just short snippets, it is
also my hope that these letters
would inspire you to seek out
more information on your own. I
will include a variety of
resources like books, tapes,
websites, etc. Some future
topics will include:
communication, boundaries,
finances, prayer, love
languages, margin, sexuality,
purpose & passion, and more.

As a man myself, I know that it’s  
hard to want to learn about
marriage—our natural thoughts
go like this: “I don’t want anyone
telling me what to do!” “I know
what I am doing and can handle
everything on my own, just fine.
Thank you very much!” I feel this
way many times too, but I am
learning that wise counsel can
help save lots of heartache and
be beneficial—there have been
many who have gone before us
with lots of wisdom to share, why
not learn from them. These
resources I will be sharing have
been a blessing in my life and
marriage thus far.

So brothers, as we kick this
2006 year off, let’s get ready for
some work!
“Marriage is work,
and marriage works!”

Bless your marriage,
       Brother Willie Quan
Dearest brothers, welcome to
the 1st Issue of the B.Y.M.
Letters. It is my desire and
dream that these newsletters
would be a blessing to you and
your marriages. After recently
celebrating my 3rd anniversary, I
know I am still just a rookie at
this marriage stuff. But one thing
I do know for sure—that it’s easy
to take my wife Elana and our
marriage for granted. As I write
to encourage all of us as
husbands—I am definitely writing
to myself in each Issue. I pray
that we will daily grow in
becoming the men and
husbands that God has called
us to be.

The quote above is from my
former Professor & Institute
Director at Focus On The Family
Institute, Dr. Rosebush. I
actually forget if these words are
his own or if he was quoting
someone, but his main point is
that his experience in his
marriage has found them to be
marriage IS WORK, AND
marriage WORKS!

I don’t know the condition of
everyone’s marriage, but I want
to claim Dr. Rosebush’s words
particular, if this letter finds you
and your marriage in season of
© 2006 BlessYourMarriage.com
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Bless Your Marriage Letters                      Issue 1                              January  2006
Bless Your Marriage Letters                      Issue 1                              January  2006