"If any of you lacks wisdom, let
him ask God, who gives to all
liberally and without reproach,
and it will be given to him."

(James 1:5) God also promises
us that:
"Humble yourself in the
sight of the Lord, and He will lift
you up."
(James 4:10) So
brothers, let's quickly humble
ourselves and call out (PRAY)
for God's help, guidance,
strength, love, and so forth.

"Whenever a wife hears that
her husband is praying for
her, it makes her feel loved
and protected. It makes her
feel important. If you want to
see God soften your wife's
heart, or make things right
between you, or enrich your
life together, or cause your
marriage to run more
smoothly, then pray for her."

This quote comes from Stormie
Omartian's book,
The Power of
a Praying Husband.
The book is
broken down in to twenty easy to
read chapters which average
about 10 pages each. Each
chapter provides a deeper
perspective into how our wives
see themselves. Would you like
to better understand:
Emotions? Her Sexuality? Her
Beauty? Her Desire? Her
These are just a few
of the chapters.  Although it's
good to have additional light
shed on these topics, the most
important aspect of the book is
how Stormie guides us and
provides us with tools in how we
can pray for our wives around
these vital issues that affect
HER, and inevitably YOU.

You got it!
The Power of a
Praying Husband
is BYM's
recommended resource this
month. You can find it at:
www.christianbook.com. Just
type in the
title into the search.
Or visit the
BYM resource page
for a direct link.

I truly pray that we would all
make praying for our wives and
inviting God into marriages a
regular part of our lives.
Brothers, may we begin to find it
easy to bring our wives before
the throne of the Almighty--who
has all the resources we need.

I leave you with a few more
words from Stormie, "There are
many things a woman wants to
hear from her husband. Three
of the top four are probably 'I
love you,' 'You look beautiful,'
and 'The bills are paid.' But I
know that one thing every
woman wants to hear, the thing
that will make her feel more
loved than anything else, is 'I'm
praying for you today.'"

As your prayers are
share your testimonies
with us. Coming soon will be a
testimonials page. Your story
might be exactly what another
brother needs to hear.

Bless your marriage,
Brother Willie Quan
“Unless the Lord builds
the house, its builders
labor in vain.”
~ Psalm 127:1
In the first three issues of The
BYM Letters, we observed that
"marriage is work, and marriage
works," we were exhorted to
"cultivate our wives," and we
were challenged to develop
some "SMART Goals". So,
your goal?

As we begin April, here's a few
questions for self assessment:
- How's my patience level?
- How's my thoughtfulness?
- How's my energy level?
- Am I understanding my wife?
  Does she feel understood?
- How have I withstood
temptation(s)? Like anger,
lying (not telling the whole
truth), pornography, lust,
selfishness, greed, etc.

Yep, for me, I definitely need
some help with some of these
areas, as well as many more. In
order to really bless our
marriages, we must admit that
we are limited in our strength,
patience, energy, ideas, love,
wisdom, etc. The great news
is--God is unlimited, and He
desires that we invite Him into
our marriages. All we have to do
is ask. Admitting that we can't do
it all on our own is the hard part.
However, God gives us His
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Bless Your Marriage Letters                      Issue 4                                  April  2006
Bless Your Marriage Letters                      Issue 4                                  April  2006