Here's a brief overview of how to
create an effective emotional
word picture:
if it doesn't work the first time, to
keep on trying--it might take
several attempts to make a
connection; and when you hit
upon an emotional word picture
that works,
milk it for all it's
meaning to look for more
ways to use the same picture.

Here's how one looks:
"I feel like a tube of toothpaste.
By the end of the day people
have squeezed everything they
can out of me. My work has
really helped the company, and I
know I'm appreciated for that.
Yet, nobody seems to care that
I'm empty and gnarled up
inside." (Excerpt from
Language of Love)

All great communicators have
mastered the art of the
emotional word picture. The
likes of Dr. King's famous,
Have a Dream
speech, stories
from your favorite motivational
speaker, and the many parables
told by Jesus. I believe you can
be just as effective too--but, it'll
take observation, creativity,
practice, and effort.

Friends, I pray that we all would
be able to learn and speak this
new language of emotional word
pictures. Hopefully, each of us
would truly experience being
understood, and as a result,
have stronger relationships at
home and at work. Now, try it out!

Bless your marriage,
  Brother Willie Quan
“A picture is worth a
thousand words.”
~ Napoleon Bonaparte
The past three BYM issues have
been focused on understanding
our spouses—seeking first to
understand, listening, and
looking at some of the
differences between men and
women. So hopefully, if you
have invested these past
months on seeking first to
understand, now your spouse
should be more open to
reciprocating the same heart
towards you to “be understood.”

Now, it's your turn to speak.
Would you like a tool to help you
be better understood?

In Gary Smalley & John Trent's
The Language of Love,
they teach a powerful
communication tool called
emotional word pictures, which
help enable instant
understanding. An emotional
word picture uses a story or
object to activate simultaneously
the emotions and intellect of a
person. In doing so, it causes
the person to
experience our
words, not just hear them.
Connecting a person's thoughts
(mind) with their feelings (heart)
creates the power of a lasting
impression. Most people change
because an event or an
experience touches them
emotionally--the goal of a well
crafted emotional word picture.
Smalley & Trent also point out:
rehearse your word picture
before using it; to pick a
convenient time without
when using it;
© 2006
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Bless Your Marriage Letters                    Issue 9                               September  2006
Bless Your Marriage Letters                    Issue 9                               September  2006