assure you, these struggles are
tucked deep within their souls.
Brothers, WE MUST FIGHT!!

The first few months when my
wife Elana and I began dating,
she could never look me directly
in the eyes. We didn't
understand what this was, so we
prayed intensely about this. God
revealed to her that it was
because she did not
feel lovable
and acceptable. Shortly after
this revelation, God brought
healing in this area. Praise God.
Now, Elana just can't stop
looking into my eyes (okay, I'm
getting a little carried away)!

Ephesians 5:24 says, "That He
[Christ] might sanctify her,
having cleansed her by the
washing of water with the word."
This verse refers to a husband's
love for his wife as Christ's love
for the church. Brothers, we
need to cleanse our wives from
all the lies assaulting their
images of themselves. We need
to wash her with the water of
God's word. Proverbs 18:21
says, "Death and life are in the
power of the tongue." Brothers,  
let's speak LIFE into our wives!
Let's speak LOVE into our
wives! Let's speak BEAUTY into
our wives. Let's wash her with
God's word: That she is
"fearfully and wonderfully
(Psalm 139:14) That "God
loves her with an everlasting
(Jeremiah 31:3) That "God
rejoices over her singing."

(Zephaniah 3:17)  
Let's wash her!
Ask God to reveal to you more
of your wives' beauty--both,
internal and external. Now, affirm
(out loud) those attractive
qualities. Also, promise yourself
to never utter anything
degrading of her.

Look your wife directly in her
eyes, and begin your best Joe
Cocker rendition:
"You are so
beautiful to me. You are so
beautiful to me. Can't you see.
You're everything I hoped for.
You're everything I need. You
are so beautiful to me."

May your every action also tell
your wife how much you cherish
and love her. Say it with your
eyes. Say it with your affection.
Say it with your service to her.
Say it with your gifts. Say it with
your time. For a quick brush-up,
revisit the
February 2006 Issue
of BYM, Cultivate Your Wife.

Brothers, WE MUST FIGHT!!
Men, I want to issue you
30-day beauty test
--for the
next 30 days, speak beauty into
your wife at least 3 times a day.
Remember to ask God to give
you fresh revelation concerning
her. If you take this challenge, I
am confident that your wife will
become a changed person--a
woman that knows she is lovely
and worth fighting for!

Bless your marriage,
   Brother Willie Quan
“The question every woman
is asking goes something
like this, 'Am I lovely?'”
~ John Eldredge
At the heart of every women is
the desire to be cherished, to be
seen as beautiful, and to be
loved. She yearns to know if she
is wanted (especially by her
father and husband), and if she
is lovely enough to fight for?
Brothers, WE MUST FIGHT!!

John 10:10 says, "The thief
comes to steal, kill, and
destroy." The devil has been
using our modern culture to
steal, kill, and destroy the TRUE
BEAUTY that God created in
women. So many women have
been conditioned into believing
the culture's lie about what
beauty is. For most of their lives,
they have been bombarded by
images of what is
supposed to
be beautiful. The world is
continually beating them
down--you're too fat, you're
body isn't proportioned right,
you're nose is crooked, you're
skin has wrinkles, and the lies
go on. Messages saying, "you
are not beautiful enough." The
result: millions of women
suffering from low self-esteem,
depression, self-hatred, eating
disorders, self-judgments,
comparisons, and much more.

I am pretty certain,
many of our
are suffering! It might not
be overtly apparent, but I can
© 2006
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Bless Your Marriage Letters                    Issue 10                               October  2006
Bless Your Marriage Letters                    Issue 10                               October  2006