Walk circumspectly, not as
fools, but as wise...
We need to be careful how we
live our lives. We need to be
wise. Brothers, let's
walk carefully and seek wisdom.
To walk carefully, we need to be
aware of our own weaknesses
and temptations. We need to
share these areas with other
brothers, so they can pray for
us, give us counsel, and keep
us accountable. We also need
to understand that the devil is
real and he's out to rob, kill, and
destroy (us, our spouses, our
marriages, our kids, every good
thing from God). He's working
right now to sow division in your
marriage--to inject mistrust; to
fuel conflict; to provoke
insecurity; and so on. So during
conflict, remember that your
enemy is NOT your spouse. We
must also remember, "The fear
of the Lord is the beginning of
wisdom." (Proverbs 1:7) It's easy
for me to seek wisdom
elsewhere, when I should be
seeking God. What about you?

Redeeming the time,
because the days are evil...
The days are evil—just 15
minutes of the evening news will
confirm this. If we sit back and
do nothing, evil will indeed affect
our families. We must
redeem the time—we need
to be proactive (the opposite of
passive). Let's evaluate how we
are spending our time. Go
ahead, take out a piece of paper
and list your activities and how
much time you're spending on
them. Is there anything you
need to 'redeem'? For me, it's
watching television and time
spent on the internet. When
you've identified where you can
redeem your time, plan what you
will redeem it with, and put it in
the schedule (whether it's
communicating, exercising,
spending time together, learning
something, etc.) Another good
way to redeem time is using your
commute to learn and be
inspired--audio books are great.
Listen to it several times--let it
penetrate you. Check out a
book on the
page--most of them have audio
versions. Commute time is also
a great time to pray for your
marriage and family.

Be not unwise, but
understanding what the
will of the Lord is.
We need to know what the will of
the Lord is. Ask God what does
He require of you as a man?
And, ask Him for His strength,
grace, love, and wisdom. This
won't happen on its own. We
must fight against passivity,
abdication, avoidance, and
RISE UP--to seek Christ's
light; to walk carefully and
seek wisdom; and to redeem
the time!

Bless your marriage,
   Brother Willie Quan
“Awake O Sleeper,
arise from the dead.”
~ Ephesians 5:14
This month’s emphasis is on
RISING UP! It is apparent from
the state of today’s society, the
ravages of deteriorated homes,
and many struggling marriages
WE MEN need to RISE
So many of us like Gulliver
of Gulliver's Travels have been
lulled to sleep, bound up, and
rendered ineffective. Can you
relate to this? I know I can.

I've chosen this subject matter
because it’s an issue that I
struggle with often—passivity,
abdication, avoidance, and
escape. My natural tendency is
to remain status quo, avoid
difficult challenges (especially
conflict), and not take a stand. In
fact, it was a challenge writing
this month. Brothers, let's
. Let's be exhorted by versus
15 and 16 of Ephesians 5.

Christ shall give thee light...
Light is very powerful--it enables
sight; it causes plants to grow;
and it provides energy.
However, the true power source
is Christ--"
He shall give thee
light." Brothers, let's
and seek Christ's light. We can
seek Him in His word (the bible)--
meditate, let Him speak to you.
We can seek Him in prayer--
listen, let Him speak to you. We
can seek Him in community--let
Him use others to speak to you.
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Bless Your Marriage Letters                    Issue 11                              November  2006
Bless Your Marriage Letters                    Issue 11                              November  2006