When you complete the
questions, exchange answers
with each other and enjoy
reflecting on the last twelve
months of your marriage.
Combine your list of things you
would like to do together, and
set priorities. Pick a time and
place to do your number one
priority! During the twelve
months work your way through
the list. You may find this is the
one annual checkup you’ll
actually look forward to. Go on
and enjoy your marriage today!

Take An Annual Marital
Checkup was excerpted from 60
One-Minute Marriage-Builders
by Dave & Claudia Arp. To learn
more about the Arps, please visit
Marriage Alive link on the
resource page.

Staying on the theme of the
annual check-up, I’d also like to
spend some time reflecting on
the first year of the BYM Letters.
Wow, twelve months have really
flown by! Thanks for joining me.
I hope you have been
encouraged. Did you take any of
the challenges? Did you apply
any of the ideas or insights?
Love languages? SMART
goals? The Listening LADDER?
Emotional word pictures? The
30-day beauty test?
If you did,
first, I hope you noticed some
changes in yourself, and then,
some in your spouse. If so, I’d
like to hear about them—please
share your story. If you tried
even one of the BYM
suggestions this year, I want to
congratulate you for doing
something new! If you didn’t, the
year’s not over yet—just click
back to an issue that you
remember wanting to do
something about, and DO IT.
Remember, we need to RISE UP!

To help me evaluate this year,
I'd very much appreciate your
feedback. What issue affected
you the most, and why? Any
topic you'd like me to expound
on? Any suggestions for future
topics that you'd like to read
about? The frequency of BYM
Issues? Would you be willing to
share any story or testimonial of
your own? Is there any particular
resource that you have found
helpful? And, anything else that
you'd like
to share.

As I wrap up this December's
BYM, and bring the first year to
a close, I thank God for calling  
and using me. From several
notes which I've received, my
resolve for this ministry has
grown. I also want to thank those
of you who have given me
feedback, insights, and
suggestions along the way.
Please pray for me--pray for me
to practice what I share; pray for
protection over my marriage;
and pray for me to grow in
intimacy with God who is the true
source to bless MY marriage
and YOURS! Merry Christmas!

Bless your marriage,
    Brother Willie Quan
“Better tomorrows are
thought of today.”
~ Willie Quan
In this year-end issue, I’d like to
encourage us to
Take An
Annual Marital Checkup.

Is it time for an annual marital
checkup? If you’re thinking
“What’s a marital checkup? Well
you are overdue! We advise
every couple, no matter how
long they’ve been married, to
have an annual marital checkup.
It can be the single most
important thing you can do for
your marriage. Here’s the good
news. It doesn’t have to cost a
penny, and you don’t need a
marriage counselor or therapist
to guide you. No stethoscopes
or blood pressure cuffs are
necessary. Just two pens, some
paper, and a little uninterrupted
time. It’s guaranteed to bring
back pleasant memories and
accentuate the positive! Discuss
the following questions:
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Bless Your Marriage Letters                    Issue 12                              December  2006
Bless Your Marriage Letters                    Issue 12                              December  2006