Father, help me to really see
you as my loving father who
affirms me; who cheers me on
across the finish line; who
affectionately holds me in your
arms. Help me to experience the
security of your embrace, the
warmth of your bosom, and the
nearness of your heart beat.  

Father, bring healing to my
broken places—my wounded
emotions, past hurts from those  
close to me, attacks against my
masculinity and manhood,  
unrealistic expectations put on
me and the resulting
disappointment from failures,
and any other pain I have.
Father, bring wholeness to me.

Father, help me to be free: free
to receive love, free to give love,  
free to cry, free to shout, free to
sing, free laugh, free to dance,
free from shame, free from sinful
patterns, free from fear, free
from performance, to be free as
a child is free.

Father, come and touch my
emotions, my mind, and my
heart. Let me physically feel
your touch...your tangible
presence...your nearness...your
warmth...your tenderness.

Father, I agree with your word
that says: I am your son; I am
dear to you; you love me; you
rejoice over me with singing;
your banner over me is love.
May your truth penetrate my
heart and permeate my being.  
Thank you for your love Lord.
Come Lord. Come Lord. I need
you. In your name Jesus, Amen.”

Now that we've shared our
hearts with God, let's take a
moment, step away from the
computer monitor to a quiet
place and wait in silence, and
listen for our Father's response.

Brothers, may this next season
be a season of deeper
experience of the reality of
God's personal love for each of
us. It takes 21-30 days to create
a new habit. Will you join me as I
make this my prayer over the
next 30 days? Print this out and
post it near your bed (feel free
to vary the prayer to your own
heart’s yearning). I'd love to
hear about
any testimonials of
how God touches you.

If you have about 10 minutes
(now or later), there's a great
website called the Father's Love
Letter which is full of the truth of
who you are to God. To
experience more of God's heart,
please click on following link

. The
video is on a loop, stay and
soak in God's love. I hope this
truth engulfs you.

May God touch us, heal us, and
make us whole, so that we can
be healthy husbands to our
wives and fathers to our children.

Bless your marriage,
    Brother Willie Quan
“See how great a love
the Father has
bestowed upon us.”
~ I John 3:1
Last month, we looked at
Heartshifts to help us make
changes in our lives.
Appropriately enough, a couple
weeks ago, my church held a
conference called
Powershift: an
invasion of love.

This month, I’d like to invite each
of us to experience a personal
experiencing God’s supernatural
love. I believe many of our
shortcomings persist as a result
of the lack of God’s love being a
personal and experiential reality.

Brothers, we can not give what
we do not have. We can not fully
give that unconditional and
supernatural love (love that's
beyond our own human strength
and power--that only which can
come from God) to our wives if
we have not yet experienced it.

I'd like to take a moment to pray
for us. As I pray, please join
your heart to mine. Before you
begin, please take a few deep
breaths, quiet your mind and
heart, and expect God's

“Father God, I pray for myself
and all my brothers. I pray that I
would continually experience
more of the reality of your love.
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Bless Your Marriage Letters                     Issue 14                               February 2007
Bless Your Marriage Letters                     Issue 14                               February 2007