married, starting a family,
becoming a single-income
family, buying a house, and
raising several children, all on a
modest salary. I was inspired.
And, I hope this month’s BYM
would inspire you too.

The Power of 1%
I never thought much about 1%.
What’s one penny? Or even, a
dollar or two? Have you ever
thought that if you had one cent
and doubled it, that would be a
100% increase, or that a quarter
is 25% of a dollar. Wouldn't you
be excited if someone told you
about an investment that could
earn you a 25% return? Well,
the next time you go shopping,
picture that 25-cent off coupon
on a dollar item as an immediate
25% return. What about
mortgage rates? People
refinance to lower their rates by
1%-2% to save hundreds of
dollars a month. The world’s
largest company, Wal-Mart, has
over $300 billion dollars in gross
revenues. They are constantly
looking for ways to cut 1% from
their expenses because that
equals $3 billion dollars. I’m not
trying to get anyone to clip
coupons or go out and buy
stock in Wal-Mart, but I’m just
hoping to help us all change our
view of what 1% can mean.

Start compounding now
To build wealth, understanding
compounding is crucial.
Compounding involves three
variables: 1) amount saved,
2) rate of interest, and 3) length
of time for saving. Let’s see this
in action. If you were able to
save $2.74 a day, over a year
that comes to about $1,000
saved. If you earned 10%
interest on this over 40 years, at
the end of that time you would
have accumulated over
$527,000. Earning the same
10%, that translates into an
income of $52,000/year or
$4,390/month. If 10% seems like
too good a return, then at 8%
you would have $290,000, or
$23,273/year income or $1,939
/month. Or, at 6% you would
have $165,900, or $9,957/year
income or $829/month. All this
from the total amount of $40,000
you actually put in over the 40
years time.

I hope that this short letter has
sparked your interest about the
importance of money. Next
month, we will discuss more
about it's affect on marriage as
well as explore additional
insights and tools on money

If want to dig a little deeper,
please visit Crown Financial
Ministries at:
Check out their "library", "tool",
and "Money Map" links. May
God richly bless you financially
as you seek to better
understand His principles.

Bless your marriage,
     Brother Willie Quan
“The safest way to
double your money is to
fold it over once and put
it in your pocket.”
~ Kin Hubbard
Don’t we all wish that doubling
our money were that easy? Most
likely, it’s the opposite. Just
keeping it in our pockets is hard
enough, not to mention anything
about doubling it.

Money is probably on many of
our minds since this is tax
season. This month we’ll be
exploring the importance of
finances in our marriages.

Financial struggle is noted as
one of the key issues that
contribute to divorce. The
pressure of debt, different views
each spouse has about
spending and saving money,
fear of poverty or feeling
insecure about not having
enough, can all be major causes
of stress in marriage. Can any of
you relate?

Most of my life, I have had a
mindset when it came to
finances. I basically never gave
money a second thought—I had
no debt and a little savings and
was happy with that. My financial
epiphany came in 1998. One
evening, a good friend shared
with me about importance of
money. He shared with me his
life stages: being single, getting
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Bless Your Marriage Letters                     Issue 15                                 March 2007
Bless Your Marriage Letters                     Issue 15                                 March 2007