restlessness and emptiness in
the soul that seeks to be filled.

One of God’s names is Elohim
which means Mighty, Sufficient,
and Satisfying One. God is our
satisfier. To be satisfied is to
have enough. God is enough for
us. Is God your satisfier? For
me, many times it’s on and off.
But when it’s on—meaning I am
trusting and experiencing God
as my satisfier—there is a real
peace in my spirit. I can ‘be still
and know that he is God.’
(Psalm 46:10) I can cease
striving. I am quieted. I am at
rest. God gives me ‘a peace that
surpasses all understanding.’
(Phil. 4:7) I need a deeper
revelation of God as my satisfier
(provider, protector, lover of my
soul, healer, righteousness,
shepherd, and much more). I
pray the same for you as well.

Some may say, ‘if God is my
provider how come I don’t have
what I want right now?’ That’s a
good question. At times when we
feel like we are not getting what
we want, we feel cheated or
deprived. And often, we seek to
meet these needs ourselves.
However before we seek to
satisfy ourselves, we should ask
ourselves a few important
questions first:

Does God want to deprive us?
NO!!!! Romans 8:32 says, “He
who did not spare his own Son,
but gave him up for us all—how
will he not also, along with him,
graciously give us all things?”
God wants to entrust all things
to us, however above that he
desires our relationship. He
wants us to walk closely with
him--to experience His guidance,
provision, protection,
faithfulness, goodness, and
love. He is our satisfier.

Earlier today, Elana & I were
discussing about how we were
feeling discontentment in some
areas of our life, and we realized
that we were also not spending
enough time with God. This is an
early warning sign. We need
God! He is so good to let us
know--like feeling thirsty.

I hope we can all set aside some
time to reflect on
God as our
and truly experience it.

Bless your marriage,
    Brother Willie Quan
“But Godliness
with contentment
is great gain.”
~ I Timothy 6:6
As our finance series continues,
we will focus on contentment.

Recently, Elana shared a story
with me about a missionary
recounting a trip he had to a
foreign orphanage. He noticed
the contrast between the
orphans who had only one pair
sandals, and many of the short-
term missionaries on his team
who had multiple changes of
clothing and shoes. He thought
the orphans would be jealous,
but instead noticed that the
orphans seemed content in what
they had and didn’t focus on
what they didn’t have.

Here in the United States,
everyday we are bombarded
with marketing and advertising.
Much of which is designed to
create discontentment, a fear of
not being _________ enough,
and an urgency to resolve this
conflict in us. In today’s instant
gratification society, it’s
understandably hard to wait for
anything. Think about the typical
picket line cheer, “What you
want? When you want it? NOW!”

The old adage goes, “Money
can’t buy love.” It also can’t buy
a sense of peace and
satisfaction. Even though some
have great wealth, there’s a
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Bless Your Marriage Letters                     Issue 18                                  July 2007
Bless Your Marriage Letters                     Issue 18                                  July 2007