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Bless Your Marriage Letters               Special Edition           2008 Election Resources
Bless Your Marriage Letters               Special Edition           2008 Election Resources
Presidential & National Resources
California Resources
  As we make our election decisions, we each
have different values, priorities, and life
experiences in which we filter our decisions
through. I think the utmost issue in the upcoming
election is the US Supreme Court:
1963: US Supreme Court rules School Prayer
    ILLEGAL. [Murray v. Curlett]
1973: US Supreme Court rules Abortion
    LEGAL. [Roe v. Wade]
2003: Massachusetts Supreme Court rules
    same-sex couples LEGAL right to marry.
    [Goodridge v. Department of Health]

 The next U.S. President will most likely appoint
2 if not 3 Supreme Court Justices. They each will
impact many future generations to come--long
after the president has left office.
Clicking on the images will
take you the prospective
resource link. RIGHT:
Presidential guide by FRC
Action. For Senate voting
records: Biden (DE), McCain
(AZ), Obama (IL),
click here
(see p.7-10).
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           VOTE YES on Proposition 8!!    

Proposition 8 does NOT:
  • Take away a person's right to have a same-
    sex relationship.
  • Deny a same-sex couple the same benefits
    afforded to a married heterosexual couple.
    Current California law gives domestic partners
    the same rights as married couples.

So then, what's the big deal?
 The big deal is about the
marriage. Prop 8 keeps the traditional definition
of marriage as between a man and a woman. In
May of 2008, 4 activist judges reversed the will of
61% of California's voters who passed Prop 22 in
2000 which defined marriage traditionally. Prop 8
reverses the California Supreme Court's decision
to legalize same-sex marriage.

If you are in SUPPORT of Proposition 8, please:  
1. Vote "YES" on election day.
2. Share Prop. 8 info with as many as you can.
3. Get involved--YOU are needed!

The election is right around the corner--get
excited, get equipped, and get involved ASAP!  
BOTTOM TWO: Presidential & State guides by
American Family Association. Very bottom link
also has each state's voter registration info.
Yes on 8
Get equipped. Info,
Resources, Downloads,
and more.
Yes on 8 Video.
28 minute video. It gets
stuck at times, but I hope
you have success. This is a
good overview.