Greetings blessed family & friends!!
As we all kick off 2006, we pray God's blessings upon your families
for an exciting and prosperous new year! In this year, we truly hope
each of you will take steps toward pursuing the dreams and
passions on your hearts. It's always a joy to reflect on the past year,
and share our annual update with you. Wow, 2005 certainly went by
in a flash! Look forward to hearing from you too.
JAN. 2005: Elana began a Firm
Foundations bible study in our
home. Leading this study has
been on Elana's heart for many
years. She benefited from this
study years ago--it helped her
gain a more complete
perspective as to the entire bible
and how the Old Testament &
New Testament are connected.
In her own words, "it helped me
put many pieces of the puzzle
together". The class averaged
about 8-10 people, and is
comprised primarily of
seniors--Elana's parents, Willie's
dad & uncle, and others from
our church fellowship. Elana has
grown a lot and has really
stepped out of her comfort zone
in taking on this leadership role.
FEB. 2005: Here we are at the
Grand Canyon on Willie's
company trip. About 60+ staff
enjoyed a bus tour from the Bay
Area, to Yosemite National Park,
to Las Vegas, and then to the
Grand Canyon. What was really
awesome was when we posed to
take a company group photo
with the Grand Canyon in the
background, it began to snow!
Later in July, Elana & Willie
spent several days in Chicago.
Chicago is beautiful city with
plenty of good places to eat.
MARCH 2005: Elana's mom and
dad got baptized on Easter
Sunday! This was definitely the
highlight of the year! It's been a
blessing to see her parents grow
in their faith. They have been
attending 1 or 2 bible studies a
week. A couple weeks ago (Dec.
2005), Elana's mom shared her
personal testimony at a banquet
dinner before a crowd of about
70 people hosted by their
church's Cantonese ministry.
This was the first time she had
ever shared her testimony
before an audience and she did
a great job! We look forward to
hearing many future testimonies
from Elana's mom, and of
course, Elana's dad too.
May we all take steps
towards accomplishing
our dreams this year!
APRIL 2005: Here's Elana and
her good friend Felicia. This was
taken during the Yee's
Fellowship retreat in Santa Cruz.
What's was special about this
trip was that Felicia shared with
our group her testimony of her
battle with cancer. She shared
the many lessons she's learned
and how her faith and
relationship with the Lord has
grown. Our fellowship group (as
well as many others) has been
praying for Felicia since early
January 2004, so it was such a
blessing for everyone to hear
her share her story, fears, tears,
and faith. It was encouraging
and inspiring to see the living
answer to our prayers right
before us all. Flee, you are an
encouragement to us all. Keep
on inspiring!
MAY 2005: We took Willie's
mom to on a Southern California
trip. It began with a short 4-day
cruise from Long Beach to
Ensenada, Mexico. As usual, we
all enjoyed the dining aboard
the cruise. On this trip, Willie
and Elana had a chance to go
kayaking on Catalina Island.
Elana discovered that she loves
kayaking. Along the way in
Southern California, we were
able to also visit several  family
and friends--Elana's friend May
in Long Beach, Willie's uncle
Kee & auntie Betty in San Diego,
The Low's in San Diego, and the
Ho's in Mission Viejo. Time spent
with each of them and their
families was truly precious,
meaningful, and encouraging.
We enjoyed a scenic ride home
along the coast on Amtrak.
AUG. 2005: We visited
Oklahoma and came home with
a HOME-A. Last year in 2004,
we had a financial advisor friend
encourage us to look for a real
estate investment out of state.
Many people have asked why
Oklahoma? We're connected to
Oklahoma by the
Kennedy's--they're Elana's
former pastor. They have settled
in Oklahoma to be involved with
ministry to foreign students on
the OU campus. Bill Kennedy
performed our wedding
ceremony, so we hold the
Kennedy's very dear. God has
blessed us with the funds to be
able to afford this home. We
fully believe that it is a blessing
from God that it belongs to Him.
We have couple there to help us
manage the property.
  • Elana's health: this last year, she's had a variety problems related to her digestive tract and left
    ovary. We are very thankful for God's hand on Elana's life in which He has already brought
    various healings to her. We know that God will complete the work of healing that He has began.
    Please stand with us in prayer.
  • Elana's Firm Foundation bible study class. The course is probably planned to run about 2-1/2
    years. Pray for stamina of Elana, the students, and that all that come will receive blessed
    revelation as to how the pieces of the bible's puzzle fit together.
  • Willie's B.Y.M Letters: Willie is stepping out in faith this year to pursue his long passion of being a
    resource for marriages. He will be starting a monthly e-newsletter this year as well as maintaining
    the related website. Most of all, that he put into practice what he writes.
  • Willie's men's group: this year Willie will also be leading a men's group from our home. The group
    will be meeting once a week. The focus of the group is for men to encourage one and another
    through worship, prayer, sharing, teaching, encouragement, and fellowship. Some topics of study
    will be destiny, calling, giftings, finances, evangelism, and practical Christian living.
There were definitely many more highlights from the past year, we look forward to times when we can
catch up with you personally so that we can share them. We also very much enjoy hearing from you,
please let us know how you are doing.
May this 2006 truly be a year where each of us, steps out
of our comfort zones, lives out of our hearts, and comes closer to fulfilling our dreams.
bless you all much!
                                                                                          WilliElana Quan
© 2006
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WilliElana's 2006 New Year's Letter
WilliElana's 2006 New Year's Letter