WilliElana's 2011 Christmas Letter
WilliElana's 2011 Christmas Letter
Dear Family and Friends,                                                                                                Christmas 2011

This year’s letter arrives to you with much joy in our hearts as it has truly been the toughest year of
our lives, and we are glad to say that we made it through by the grace & mercy of God and His
working through many people. In mid-January Elana discovered a lump in her left breast which turned
out to be a Stage 1 breast cancer. This has been our journey this year—with lots of prayer, miracles
from God, the support of family, friends, and the faith community, medical treatment (6 cycles of
chemo and 2 surgeries), Elana is now cancer free! Our letter’s theme this year is family, friends, and
faith—we are so thankful to and for each one!

FAMILY: We are thankful for our families! Our parents were there for us in both word and deed!
Elana’s mom and dad rose to the occasion, they came over 3 times a week and Will’s mom picked up
the other 2 days helping to take care of Elana during the daytime while Willie was at work. They
committed themselves tirelessly to cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, buying groceries, taking Elana to
70 plus appointments, taking walks in the park with her, and praying unceasingly. Willie’s dad doing
research and calling Elana with encouragement and health tips was very supportive. Elana’s mom
wrote so many letters and words of encouragement, it was so beautiful. This has really deepened
Elana’s relationship with her’s and Will’s parents.  

We are so thankful for our friends! So many rallied around us. You prayed, you visited,
you called, you sent cards, emails, notes, and caringbridge posts, brought meals, sent flowers, sent
little pick-me-up gifts, took Elana to her appointments, and even offered to clean our house! All the
love and care we received really helped lift us up, keep us going and keep us positive! We also
realize that this is may be the first time some of you are hearing about Elana’s health. Please do not
feel bad, we did not make any major announcements, but mostly through word of mouth did people
find out. If this is new news, and you would like to track and learn more about the details of our
journey this past year, you can visit Elana’s blog at: www.caringbridge.org/visit/elanaquan

We are so thankful to the Lord! When we initially found out about Elana’s diagnosis, we
were filled with fear and anxiety, however we can truly say that throughout this time we have really
experienced God’s loving presence and faithfulness in our lives. So many of you sent encouraging
scripture verses which really helped Elana to focus on God’s truth. God’s promises really helped
sustain Elana—she recorded all the verses and reviewed them often. We both experienced a lot of
supernatural peace! We had to combat fear and anxiety whenever they raised their heads. Our
fellowship (Yee’s Lifegroup & Promised Land Fellowship) as well as other churches (Grace
Fellowship, Presbyterian Church in Chinatown, Covenant Presbyterian, Gatetree Baptist, First
Chinese Southern Baptist, Mandarin Baptist, 19th Avenue Baptist, and others) sent so many notes of
encouragement as well as lifted up so many prayers for us. Overall, throughout Elana’s medical
treatment, she experienced considerably few negative side effects—they did come and go, but your
prayers and God’s faithfulness have kept Elana in great shape—she even gained weight while on
chemo. Elana was also able to encourage other cancer patients she met along the way with words of
hope, encouragement, and prayers. Thank you for your continued prayers!


  • Elana’s friend, Yuki whom she has been caring for a number of years is now settled into Aegis
    assisted living and is being well cared for by a new found friend Wilson (who has been a real
    answer to prayer).
  • In spite of a bad economy, we were able to sell our house in Oklahoma. Truly, this was a
    miracle because our offer came the day after our house hit and damaged by a bad windstorm
    the night before.
  • Elana has been off work this year, and plans take off until she is recovered from her implant
    surgery around the middle of 2012. Will is thankful to his boss for allowing him to cancel most of
    his travel, and amazingly enough, sales continued to grow at a good rate. Will is also
    appreciative for the support and teamwork of his colleagues.
  • We continue to wait on our adoption from China—the matching process from China has been
    extremely slow. Currently, we estimate the earliest we may be matched will be early 2013. We
    feel this is also the grace and wisdom of God as it allows Elana the time to fully heal.
  • This year, we lost two dear people in our lives: Elana’s good friend, Felicia and Elana’s Auntie
    Lillian. We miss both of them who were very special people in our lives—we remember their
    laughter, joy, endurance through trials, and faith.
  • Our marriage has truly experienced the test of this trial. Bringing us even closer and giving us
    an appreciation for each day we have with each other.

We continue to trust God, that He is sovereign and that He is good in all His ways! This Christmas we
are especially reminded of the great gift of Life we all have. And we so treasure the new life that we
can have in trusting in the work of Jesus Christ for us. Some of you may not have yet experienced
this, and our prayer is that you would ,as this is the true meaning of Christmas: that God gave His
best Gift (His son Jesus) for each of us—that we would not die, but have everlasting life.

                                                                                         From our hearts to yours,
  WilliElana Quan
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