Glad that you are visiting this resource page. As mentioned,
our desire is to encourage you to further investigate tools to
help bless your marriage. Below are a few links to some
reputable ministries that are great resources for strengthening
marriage. Please check for updates to this page, as new
resources will be added periodically.
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Keeping Romance In
Renowned motivational
speaker Zig Ziglar shares
Focus On The Family, founded by
Dr. James Dobson, has been
serving marriages and families
since 1977. To learn more about
Focus and find out station info
about their daily radio broadcast
in your area, click on the logo.
Family Life Ministries is
known for their
"Weekend To
Remember" Marriage
Conferences which
Marriage Missions Ministries puts out a  weekly
newsletter on marriage. This site also includes
many good articles on marriage.
The home of the B.Y.M. Letters
The home of the B.Y.M. Letters
Resources & Links
Resources & Links
have helped countless marriages. To learn more
and find a conference near you, click on the logo.
Dr. Myles Munroe
The Purpose of the Male
Man 8-tape audio cassette
is my very favorite series of
all time. Munroe exhorts
men in their God given
purpose as he points out
The Five Love Languages
Clicking on the book
image will take you to where
it's on sale this month.
God's original plan for man as found in
creation. Filled with lots of inspiration,
insight, and humor. Click on Dr. Munroe's
photo to take you to the tape series.
lessons on a successful marriage. It begins
with commitment to your mate and to the
institution of marriage. He expounds on
nurturing your relationship with courtship after
marriage, forgiveness, expecting the best
from your mate, setting boundaries and more.
HomeWord seeks to advance the work of God in
the world by educating, equipping, and
encouraging parents and churches to build
God-honoring families from generation to
generation. The
'articles and tip sheets' are a
great resource.
The Power of a Praying
A must have for the
marriage tool bag. Stormie
Omartian shows men how
to effectively pray for their
wives around core areas.
Marriage Alive is a
non-profit, 501(c)(3),
marriage and family
enrichment resource
organization. The Arps
have been involved in
working with families for over 25 years.  
7 Habits of Highly
Effective People
This best seller is a
helpful tool for personal
change and leadership.
Leadership U is a
leadership resource. This
link takes you to their
overview of The 7 Habits
of Highly Effective People.
Men are from Mars,
Women are from Venus
Dr. John Gray's best seller
exploring the differences
between men and women.
Very insightful and helpful.
It is the vision of the
National Institute of
Marriage (NIM) to
significantly reduce
the divorce rate in America, by enriching couples
and equipping those who have the ability to
impact couples within their care.
The Language of Love
Be understood--learn how
to create and use
emotional word pictures to
have another person
understand you.
The Father's
Love Letter
Please click to
experience a
personal letter
Heartshift--The Two
Degree Difference
Dr. John Trent offers  
insight about making Two
Degree changes
(Heartshifts) which move
us in a positive, freeing,
and fulfilling direction.
from God. It's free: available in video, audio,
and written versions. It's very touching. Visit
Crown Financial
Ministries mission
is to equip people
worldwide to learn,
apply, and teach
God’s financial
principles so they
may know Christ
more intimately, be free to serve Him, and help
fund the Great Commission.
Your Money Map steers
you toward the clear
biblical basics of money
management and
through seven financial
destinations that
anyone can reach.